Friday, May 21, 2010

Rash, Runny nose, cough, etc.

So it has been a couple of weeks since i have had an update and up until a few days ago there wasn't anything that has changed since my Stupid Pityriasis Rosea. Last Wednesday i lost my voice, no idea how or why maybe yelling at my kids too much lol but it was really annoying. By the weekend i couldn't laugh and when i talked i sounded like a little boy hitting puberty it was so obnoxious. Well Saturday rolled along and i started coughing, thinking it was just the voice thing but then by Sunday i felt horrible. Sore throat, Runny nose, Cough, Body aches, and my head felt like a boulder!!! Both my kids have been coughing and have had the runny nose thing too for the past week so i figured i was just getting what they have. I stayed home from church with the kids while Tom went to church, he said he was actually able to pay attention and go all 3 hours without any problems....hahaha i wonder why! As the week went on i was feeling better one day then worse the next. The greatest thing that happened this week was Monday morning i woke up and my rash has almost completely gone away...just like that, i was thrilled! I was so worried that i would have this all Summer!!! That definitely lightened my spirit, although Thursday was a hard day for me, i woke up feeling horrible Sore throat again and my head was throbbing not to mention the fact that my body hurt all over. I spent the whole day waiting on my kids to take their naps so i could get some rest as well. My luck, the day that i do want to sleep when they do, they only sleep for 45 minutes when they usually sleep 2 hours!! I was not happy. Tom tried to come home early from work but couldn't because of his busy schedule. Who knew that a Marine Recruiter would be so busy. Anyway, the second he got home i jumped in the shower then went straight to bed, even before my kids. Tom was great and got them to bed on his own. Needless to say i got a great sleep especially since i was dosed up on Theraflu. (I love that stuff) This morning i woke up and i feel a ton better. I am still coughing but no aches or sore throat to deal with thank goodness. I have alot to do today to get ready for my sister and her family who are coming to visit from England tomorrow, i am really excited to see them but also stressed to get things done. Well there is my update on the last couple of weeks. I have some more stuff to share but waiting till i have pictures to post so stay tuned!!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010


So for the past 3 weeks i have had this weird scaly pink patch on my chest. I thought it was a bite of some kind and thinking it would just go away in a few days i never worried about it. Well 3 weeks later i wake up with little red bumps on my stomach so instantly i think i have been bitten by something and instantly washed my sheets. Well yesterday i woke up to a million red bumps all over my stomach, upper thighs, back, and neck!!! I freaked out! Since the patch of skin was still there i knew it had something to do with it, so where do we all go when we have serious questions or concerns??? Yep the INTERNET, i looked up a bunch of photos of different rashes and found one that looked exactly like the one i had, it was called Pityriasis Rosea. I was pretty confident that this is what i had but i wanted to be sure so i wouldn't stress myself out wondering. Today i went to see the Dr. I told him everything and showed him the damage and guess what he tells me....."Um, Shannon i know exactly what this is, it is good and bad....the good news is it is Benign but the bad news is it can last up to 3 months!" "It is called Pityriasis Rosea". YES! I was right...but wait, What?? 3 months? Turns out that this is pretty common but they don't know what causes it or have anything to treat it. I can use ointment or a antihistimine for the itching but it has to go away on its own. The good news is it isn't contagious, thank goodness for that or else we would be dealing with a lot more problems! So here i am with an annoying rash that i can't do anything about, i just sure hope it doesn't last that long...freak it is going to be SUMMER soon!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Pics, Pics, Pics

Mommy and Daughter, oh how i love her!!!

Coby and Jayce playing dress up. They put these hats on all by themselves and had them on for a good while. They are so silly together, it is getting so much fun, their ages are a blast!!!

Coby fell asleep on our kitchen table bench, apparently he was worn out due to having his cousin Zy over to play. Funny thing is, i have a picture of me on a piano bench asleep when i was like 4. It must be the Booth in us we can sleep anywhere.

Pics and an Update

So the past couple of weeks have been interesting. 2 weeks ago i went to the Women's Expo and experienced my first Airbrush Tan. The lady talked me and Dree into it, (It didn't take much). We both came out a lot darker and i looked like i was from Mexico to say the least! It was scary at first but totally chest was BLACK! Fortunately after i took a shower it looked tons better and more natural, for the first time in 2 years i was tan again. (that's what happens when your prego all the time lol) Anyway, i talked my cousin and friend into it and they went and got it the next day, they had the same results. We realized the tan is better the day after you get it:) I would definitely make this my tanning regimen, it was well worth the 20.00, and i plan on doing it again soon. Sunday was such a beautiful day, and i think that is why Jacoby was so hyper in church we ended up just making it to Sacrament Meeting (We have many of those). Later that day while at my parents house we decided to take the kids on a walk in the wagon. Danielle, Jake, Tom, me, Coby, Zyanne, and Jaycie. Even though it was so beautiful outside it was still freaking freezing so we had to bundle the kids up in blankies, they didn't mind they love the wagon. We took a quick stroll around the block. I love having Sundays in Springville We had a blast. This last weekend was not as eventful. We stayed up in Layton and did some much needed shopping at Costco. Sunday we were unable to make it to our ward (AGAIN!) because i had a sick husband and daughter, seems like the sick never goes away!!! We enjoyed our time with each other at home but we are looking forward to this Mother's Day weekend in Springville with the fam. It is always a party at the Booth House!!!