Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Jaycie turns "1"

About a few month ago, we celebrated Jaycie's 1st Birthday. Since her cousin Zyanne turned 2 5 days earlier we decided to combine the two and have one big Birthday Luau! We had it at my parents house and it was a blast. Me and Danielle spent the whole week preparing for the party by finding cute the dollar store and figuring out a menu! We decided on Pulled Pork sandwiches. We bought the meat at a place in Springville for a really good price and it was sooo tasty! Everyone loved it! We also had fresh fruit Kabobs with chocolate drizzled over them, and this yummy Mango Salsa that Haley made with tortilla chips. For dessert we had cute little cupcakes with little Palm Trees sticking out from the top of them. My cousin Lindsay made both Zy Zy's and Jayce's Cake they were was sooo cute. We bought a lei from Partyland and used the flowers on the cakes it turned out perfect. We provided lei's for everyone a couple of grass skirts for the little ladies and big straw hats for the men. Everyone participated in wearing something Luau. We had the party outside and had a little pool set up with a slide for the really little ones and a slip n slide for the bigger kids. Everyone was really having a great time, we even had a friend show up ready to party in his little black Speedo, it was hilarious. He almost scared my in laws away but luckily they are used to him and were able to fight through it:) We just hung out and ate and watched the kids go nuts in the water. Jacoby and Jaycie were so cute they were playing on the slip n slide and Jayce kept face planting it into the water but she was okay she loved it. When it was time for cake we put a blanket down on the grass and brought the cakes to the girls. We sang them Happy Birthday and Zy blew out her candle while Coby had to do it for Sissy (We forgot to practice with her) I put the cake in between Jayce's leg and she went crazy and just dug right in to that thing like there was no tomorrow. It was hilarious, and she didn't stop for about 20 minutes, she thought that was the best thing she has ever tasted, i got some really great pictures of it. After she was done and her cake was a mess she started on Zy Zy's, she just couldn't get enough it was all over her face and even up her nose i had to clean it out a few times because she would start whining but then she would just keep on going. I had to make Coby dig into his cake last year so this was a real treat for me, she was all about it. After cleaning her up we decided to open presents. Tom and I bought her her first baby. For the past couple of weeks she has been stealing Zy's so she could cuddle with it so we knew it was the perfect gift and we were right she loved it. Her face was priceless. Tom quickly opened it up for her and she had it in her arms the rest of the night. Even now she loves to push her in the doll stroller and feed her, it is so fun to watch, she is such a little mommy herself. The Luau was a hit and we are so thankful to everyone that came. Sean and Haley, Po and Lo, Kenton and Cassie, Gavin, and Anya, Pou, Jessica, and Issac, Jake and Dan of course, Grammie and Grampa, Amma and Papa, and the Archundes. Thank you all your the best friends and family a girl could have!

I cannot believe my little girl is now 1 years old. She is walking all over the place and even says Up, Out, Mama, and Ow. She is learning something new everyday and i am really looking forward to getting her pictures taken. Happy Birthday CeCe!!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Jacoby's 2 year old Pictures

I finally got the pictures back from Jacoby's 2 year photo shoot back in April! My amazing and talented Cousin Lindsey Smith and her sister in law/Friend Becky Smith took these pictures. We did them at an old house that was vacant on the old highway in springville. They turned out so great and Coby was an angel, he loved all the attention and the paparazzi ;) They took about 200 photos between the 2 of them and they are all amazing but too many to post so here are a few of the ones that i instantly fell in love with.