Thursday, February 3, 2011

What a week!

This week has been so hectic and busy. I have been working like crazy doing Graveyards at the Ranch, training, working my other job and last but not least trying to be a decent mother. Lately i have felt like i needed a change in my workout routines because being so busy i haven't had the time or the energy you see usually i just do Zumba a few times a week but now i am getting a little sick of it, the same place same routines same music....i need some variety. I think i am going to take the plunge and get a Gold's Gym pass. I know that they screw you over alot of the time i mean they have already done that to me once but honestly they seem like my best bet. They offer lots of classes at all different times and i like the fact that i can go workout whenever i have a chance, it'll be on my schedule ya know. For now i am taking a break from Zumba but  i am doing a spinning class 2 times a week and running the track on the other days. I haven't ran in forever but it is a good change. We go to the High School for these classes and the track and let me tell ya nothing has changed the track is still so white trash and dirty it totally brings back so many awesome High School memories. Oh those were the days. Anyway, i really am looking forward to this weekend and hopefully i will have a gym pass by this time next week.
As for the kids they are awesome as usual. Jaycie has such a little attitude now and she is talking like crazy. She has been off the binkie for about 3 weeks now but still has it at nighttime, hey that thing is a lifesaver DON'T JUDGE ME! Jacoby seems to be getting older everyday i met someone at my new job that owns a little Tumbling studio in Provo called High Altitude and she said i can bring him over for a little trial run to see if that is something he would like to do. I am taking him next week, i hope he likes it. I will keep you updated.

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Catching Up

Right before we got his haircut

Christmas Eve

He loves when i kiss him...I promise

After his haircut we rode the mall Train

Halloween 2010 Pebbles Bam Bam and Flapper.

 Isn't she so sweet?

Shyanne's first Jazz Game

We all had a blast even though we lost :(

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

We are BACK!

It's a new year and a new BEGINNING. I haven't blogged since July because the past 6 months have been extra challenging but good news is i am starting over. Now i am taking on Exciting and new positive challenges. For all those that know me should also know my current situation, and there is really no need to go into any specific detail. Alot of things have changed since my last blog. I am no longer living in Layton, my babies and i are staying in Springville at my parents house. We have been there since September and we have enjoyed it thus far but i will say we are really looking forward to finding a place of our own. Since our Financial situation has changed i have had to go back to work. In September i finished a Phlebotomy course at the MATC in Orem, hoping to find a job shortly after finishing. No such luck, it turns out it is not as easy as i thought it would be, every where i went wanted people with experience but come on how do i get experience if no one will hire me. After weeks of searching i was desperate and went back to my High School days job. Kara Chocolates, they were nice enough to hire me back on and on a schedule that would work with my kids. I work Mon Wed and Friday 7 - 3. I did miss the chocolate and all the other yummy things we sell but lets face it i can't work here forever. A few weeks ago i applied to Discovery Ranch in Mapleton and with help of a friend who works there i got an interview later that week. I went in and got the job on the spot, starting out as ON CALL, hey i will take it. This job is what i want to go to school for and it pays a little better. My first shift Monday! I cannot wait. I just hope that i am good at it and they will want to give me a set shift. I will keep you posted. As for the kids....they are doing AWESOME! They are so beautiful and the sweetest kids ever, don't get me wrong they do have their days considering they are 2 1/2 and 19 months old so that is to be expected right? Jacoby has been really active and oh such a boy! He loves his cars and his little cousin Edynn, he gets so excited when he sees her it's so sweet. I have recently enrolled him in Preschool at a place called The Kinder Garden in Mapleton it looks great and everything i want in a preschool. I am nervous for Coby to be around so many other kids but i also know it'll do him good. You see he has a little problem with sharing in Nursery, Luckily he has been potty trained for the last 4 months and rarely rarely has any accidents so he has that going for him. lol. Now for little Jaycie well she isn't so little anymore, she is small in stature but she has a tummy and a bootie on her that the family always comments on but it's okay though it balances out. She is 19 months old and so smart. She talks alot and already puts 2 to 3 words together. She loves babies and cars. Her and her brother usually get along but when they don't it is Jayce beating up on Coby, Jayce is my feisty one just like her mommy and Coby is the tender hearted one also like mommy :) Jayce loves to dance and takes every opportunity to do so, we are always listening to music at the house when we are alone. I get a little crazy dancing around but hey the kids love it. I am thinking about putting them both in some sort of dance class this summer, they'd be great. Anyway that is my novel for the day to help all of you see what has been going on the last few months sorry it has been so long. But the good thing is I'M BACK and my next post will be lots of pictures.