Monday, July 26, 2010

Fun in the Summer Sun!!

He is so Relaxed...aaahhh

Look how happy she is :)

At the Scera Pool

Out back in Aunt Danielle's yard

This summer we have been doing alot of swimming whether it is just out in the yard in the kiddie pool or going to 7 Peaks and the Scera Pool. This year Coby just loves the water, he goes underwater and swims everywhere on his tummy and even his back sometimes. At 7 Peaks he loves the Wave Pool and just keeps wanting to go deeper and deeper, he has no fear. As for Jaycie she loves the water too but she'd rather just sit in it and take on the splashes and waves as they come to her, she has fallen underwater a few times but she just shakes it off and moves on, she never cries. I guess i have a pair of little water babies! Not to mention how blasted Tan they are too, they definitely have their daddy's complexion. I have really enjoyed being out in the sun as well, there is something about it that just makes you happy no matter what and I've been dealing with a lot lately so it has definitely been Sun Therapy. I hope we have a few more months of this weather because i am not quite ready for a change.


  1. Look at that gut on Jaycie! Cutest thing ever! My kids love the water too but we haven't been doing as much swimming as you guys. I'm jealous! You look great btw.

  2. Your kids are so cute!! I miss hanging out with you guys we need to try to get together!!